XLSForm coding for ODK mobile data collection (intermediate)

45 students

Welcome to the second class in the series (Coding for mobile data collection using ODK & Kobotoolbox). For those who did not take the first class, please you can still take it anytime online.

This course will focus on controlling the user interface of the form you have created from basic classes.

This course will have four lessons;

  1. Appearance customization
  2. Working with relevant
  3. Building constraints (quality control etc)
  4. Handling calculations

Each lesson will have the following four key elements;

  1. Video teaching:  You will meet me the instructor in each video lesson. The aim is to show in practical terms how to code the appearance column of the xlsform in order to define what user can see and how they see it.
  2. Use case:  You will be presented with some use cases to make your learning experience seamless.
  3. Exercise/Assignment:  You will complete an exercise for each lesson to ensure you get to practice what you have learned.  We are keeping the lessons really practical.
  4. Quiz:  You will also take a quiz with each lesson to make sure you have mastered the concepts.


User Avatar Joseph Aghatise

Mr. Aghatise Joseph holds a Masters in Information Technology. He has vast experience in the design, coding and implementation of mobile data collection system. He has managed several large data collection exercise in Nigeria and parts of West Africa. He is the President/Chief Technology Officer of Reverton.Net Limited and a serial entrepreneur.
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NOTE: You have to pass these courses before you can enroll this course.

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