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Data Analysis with Statistical Software

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Technological developments have revolutionised the way we live in many ways. A child with phone camera taking instant photographs today will not know that some 20 years ago, it may take three to four days before the photographs will come out of the photographer’s studio dark room. The film had to be removed from the camera and developed with chemicals in the dark room before the pictures can come out.

The same can be said of data analysis today. Some years back, a research project student will have to submit his data to the computer expert who also had either to be a programmer or statistical software analyst at the University’s Computer Centre. The data had to be coded and punched on a card and then fed into the computer. Final output may then be copied into a 1.5 MB floppy diskette for the student.

Today, easier access to computers and availability of point-and-click open source statistical packages have combined to make data analysis a very easy task. In essence, you can handle and analyse your own data without writing those sophisticated codes. However, there is that danger of “garbage in, garbage out”. For every statistical method, there are assumptions to be met before the outputs can become valid. The purpose of this Course is to guide you in getting valid outputs from your own analyses.

Objectives of the Course

This Course is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Understand the various types of data
  2. Increase your ability to prepare your data for analysis
  • Enable you to choose the right statistics for the right analysis
  1. Equip you with the knowledge of computer-aided statistics
  2. Be able to interpret the outputs of your analysis

Learning outcomes

At the end of the Course, you should be able to:

  1. Prepare and code your data for analysis
  2. Confidently determine which statistical methods to use in testing your research hypotheses
  • Use a statistical software to analyse your data
  1. Be able to correctly report your output in scientific format


We make no assumptions about your knowledge of Computer-Aided Statistics


You are required to download and install the open source (free) JASP statistical package by clicking on this

  1. Download the JASP Software for FREE


       2. Download Data file for class exercise here


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