XLSForm coding for ODK mobile data collection (Beginners)

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Capturing data in the field usually means using paper. By using an Android smartphone or an Android tablet, field data can be collected with all the advantages that electronic data gathering brings (value input control, skipping irrelevant sections, elimination of transcribing errors from paper, ability to capture video, audio & respondent’s image, GPS coordinates etc.). Data is gathered in situ with the data records stored on the device. Once the surveyor is within range of a WiFi or mobile phone data connection, he/she can send the data to a central server.

Reverton.Net is providing support for core and custom development on the Open Data Kit platform. This course will cover the foundations of how to develop such applications and involves lectures with slides, hands-on computer exercises, hands-on tablet/phone exercises and use of other PC applications.

The goal of this course is to give the participant the ability to put in place all the pieces required for a mobile data collection system using ODK.

To enable the individual to create X-forms compliant questionnaire using three different applications which will include skip logic, cascading question types, input value control, media and geo-location input.
To enable participant to install and manage a central server on the Windows platform to aggregate the data or use one of the free on-line storage services.
To enable the participant learn how to set the various parameters of the Android application for optimal usage.

The course is organized in modules and each module covers a reasonable content to enable participants connect and progress successively in the next modules.


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Mr. Aghatise Joseph holds a Masters in Information Technology. He has vast experience in the design, coding and implementation of mobile data collection system. He has managed several large data collection exercise in Nigeria and parts of West Africa. He is the President/Chief Technology Officer of Reverton.Net Limited and a serial entrepreneur.

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